InfiTrac - Safely track and manage all your information

  • Sick of texting yourself lists and notes?
  • Tired of forgetting your passwords?
  • Hate sifting through documents and searching your computer for quick info?
  • Having trouble remembering what you need to do?

InfiTrac offers the following key features to help you, plus much more

Get organized
Get connected
Put your lists and notes in one place
No more searching through your text messages, emails, and sticky notes to find a quick list or note. Easily create organized lists and notes here.
Manage your time and agenda
Easily manage your calendar by assign categories for events, syncing with existing calendars, and sharing with friends and colleagues.
To-do items with a pulse
More than a typical boring list of tasks. You can check off an item when it is complete, you can decide what is more important to get done first.
A place for any and all thoughts
Whiteboards provide a free form rich text editor to mold and shape your ideas and thoughts in a visual way.
Don't forget that birthday!
Store all the information you will ever need for each of your contacts. Easily access phone numbers, emails, addresses and share/sync.
Too many passwords to remember?
Safely and securely store and retrieve all your different account passwords. No more are the days of using the same password for all your accounts!
Counting up or down to something?
Create a counter to keep tabs on when an exiting date is approaching. You can even manually count things you other put in your mind and lose track.
Share everything with everyone
Everything on InfiTrac is sharable with other users. You can share your lists, contacts, events, whiteboards, etc...
Keep up to sync
You can sync your calendar and/or contacts with your accounts on Yahoo!, Outlook, Apple iCloud, and Google. You can even sync them together!